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Oberlo Dropshipping With Shopify

Dropshipping is probably the most talked about way to sell online. Everyone wants to profit from an online store without the hassle of warehousing and shipping everything themselves. Oberlo dropshipping makes this possible. You simply take orders from customers through your website and send the shipping address and customer information to your dropship supplier who sends them the stuff they ordered. You never have to touch the products, you just get to keep the difference between what you sell things for and the price you pay your dropship supplier.

Oberlo is a new and innovative app that allows you to set up a dropshipping store in just a few hours. It works with the website building platform Shopify. Shopify is my favorite ecommerce store builder by far. (You can read our Shopify Review here)

Oberlo is nothing more than an app for your Shopify store. It allows you to automatically import a massive amount of products to your store in minutes. It imports pictures, descriptions, variants and everything you need. You can import virtually any product that’s available on Aliexpress. If you’re not familiar with Aliexpress, they are a marketplace for wholesale products. They have a massive selection of products, so you can find just about anything you can think of.

Why Use Oberlo…

It's the easiest way to start dropshipping

Oberlo is the easiest way to start a dropshipping business. There’s no need to source suppliers and negotiate a dropshipping arrangement. You simply find products on Aliexpress and import them (or just copy the product information) into your Shopify store. When a customer places an order it will be added to your shopping cart in Aliexpress immediately. All you need to do is pay for orders once a day to have them shipped out to your customers.

It works with Shopify

Shopify is my favorite website builder for ecommerce stores. They have everything you need including free store themes, detailed analytics and even a built-in payment processor so you can accept credit cards. You can see our full Shopify Review for more info, or start a no obligation, 14 day free trial here. (no credit card required)

You can dropship virtually any product you can think of

Aliexpress has millions of products that you can dropship with Oberlo. There are products in every category from electronics and clothing to automotive and home improvement.

Low barrier to entry

One of the main reasons people get into the dropshipping business is the low-cost of getting started. Since Oberlo is free for up to 50 orders per month. This means your fixed costs will be just $29/month for Shopify (after your 14 day trial is up), plus whatever you spend in ads. (I recommend starting with a Facebook PPC campaign of $5/day and making adjustments from there depending upon your ads performance)

The only other cash needed will be whatever it takes to pay for the products you sell from Aliexpress for 1-3 days until your customers online payments are deposited into your bank account.

The One Reason Oberlo May Not Work For You…

Most Aliexpress products ship from China

Oberlo requires you to source products from Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a marketplace made up of many suppliers similar to the way amazon has different vendors for different products. The thing with Aliexpress is that most of their vendors are located in China. The main implication of this is longer shipping times for your customers.  (Often 7-15 Days to the US) The longer shipping times are rarely an issue if you make your customers aware when they place an order on your store. 

This can also work to your advantage if you start a store catering to customers in another part of the world. India for example is a good area to target. There are still many english speakers but the cost of running PPC ads for your store is dirt cheap compared to the US.

Start Dropshipping In 2 Hours

Step 1: Sign up for Shopify (Free 14 Day Trial)

Step 2: Build your store (choose a theme, set shipping rules, setup payments, etc.)

Step 3: Download the Oberlo app to your store

Step 4: Set pricing rules in Oberlo (percentage or fixed markup)

Step 5: (if applicable) Download and install the Oberlo plugin for Google Chrome

Step 6: Go to Aliexpress.com and find the products you want to resell

Step 7: Import products to your store via the Chrome plugin or by copying the URL into your Oberlo dashboard

Step 8: Ensure all product photos and descriptions look good

Step 9: You’re ready to start selling (Drive traffic to your store via Facebook ads, Google Adwords, etc.)

Oberlo Pricing / Plans

Oberlo has three plans. The starter plan is free to use for up to 500 total products or 50 orders per month. This allows you to try use Oberlo for free until your business takes off. You can always upgrade as needed. I’d reccomend upgrading to the basic plan as soon as you start making some sales. The added shipment tracking feature is very helpful once you start to get a larger volume of orders.

Oberlo Dropshipping Features

Sell Anything From Aliexpress

Oberlo allows you to dropship any product you can find on aliexpress.com. There are millions of items to choose from so you’re sure to find just about anything you desire.

Extensive Product Customization

Oberlo makes it easy to customize your product offerings. You can choose to use the automatically imported pictures and descriptions from Aliexpress, or add in your own photos or description. These edits are easily achieved through your dashboard. You can edit your products at any time.

Simple Order Tracking

Oberlo automatically imports tracking information for your customers shipments as soon as you fulfill the order. This rounds out Oberlo’s automation features to ensure the entire order process is handled with just a few clicks on your part.

Automaticly Uppdated Product Information

Oberlo will automatically update product information like price and quantity available. This saves you time and the frustration of having a customer place an order just to discover the item they ordered is out of stock with your supplier.

Automatic Price Updates

Oberlo will automatically calculate the markup for your products based on the rules you set. You can choose either a percentage mark up or a price multiple. Prices in your store are constantly updated so you never lose money on a sale due to a supplier increasing their prices.

Easy Supplier Changes

Oberlo makes it easy to change Aliexpress suppliers if you find a more appealing vendor. This could be a higher rated vendor or one with a lower price. Changing suppliers can be done in just seconds without even re-importing the product.

Oberlo Dropshipping Guide

Step 1: Set Up Your Shopify Store

The first step to starting your dropshipping business with Oberlo is setting up a Shopify store. Click Here to get started with a free 14 day trial. There’s no obligation so please take advantage and check out what they have to offer. See our full Shopify review for more information.

Shopify allows you to create an ecommerce store quickly and easily within just a couple of hours. Their platform is easy to learn and requires no prior web design knowledge to use. Even if you aren’t ready to get started, I highly recommend playing around with the platform for the free trial period. It really opens up a lot of opportunities when you know how to create an online store for anything you might want to sell.

Step 2: Download and Install Oberlo

Once you have the basics set up for your store, It’s time to install the Oberlo app. You can do this through the Shopify app library or by with from oberlo.com. Oberlo is free to use for up to 500 products and 50 orders per month.

Once the app is installed you need to set up your general rules. These are your settings for shipping and pricing automation.

Step 3: Find Products On Aliexpress

Next is the fun part. Go browse aliexpress.com for products that to sell in your store. They have millions of products so you can find just about anything you want.

I have three recommendations when searching for products to sell. 1) Pick a niche and stick to products in that category only. You can always break into a different niche later. 2) Choose simple items that have a low chance of breaking. This will make your life easier since you won’t have to deal with customer complaints and returns. 3) Start with 5-10 items. (this will obviously vary depending on your niche but 5-10 is generally enough to make your site look trustworthy without overwhelming yourself in the beginning.

Step 4: Importing Products

Once you have your products picked out it’s time to import them into your store. The most valuable feature of Oberlo is it’s ability to import products from Aliexpress almost instantly. This means product photos, descriptions, quantity in stock, etc. This feature alone will save you hours of tedious work.

Here’s how the process works. Oberlo makes everything easy with their clean and well thought out interface. The first step will be to locate the products you want to resell on Aliexpress.com. You can choose anything you want. I’d recommend at least 4 products to start with but depending on your niche and marketing strategy, one may be adequate. Add these to a list in Aliexpress as you go.

The next step is to import the items you found. This is easiest if you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser. If you’re not I would recommend downloading it. The extension also makes fulfilling orders a breeze. If you don’t have Chrome and don’t wish to download it, don’t worry because there is an alternate method.

Importing with Chrome:

  1. Install the Oberlo Plugin
  2. You should see a new icon in the top right corner of Chrome. The icon should turn blue when browsing express.
  3. You’ll now see the same blue “price tag” icon show up in the description box of products on Aliexpress. Simply click the icon and select “add to import list”.

Importing without Chrome:

  1. Go to the tab “Oberlo Supply” in your Oberlo dashboard within Shopify
  2. Type in the name of the supplier, product, or product URL you wish to import
  3. Click “add to import list”

Once you’ve added some products to your import list, It’s time to make any changes to the photos and descriptions and publish them to your store. For this you’ll need to go open the “import list” tab within your Oberlo dashboard. This page makes it easy to edit the details of your products. Once you’ve looked everything over just click “publish” to push the items to your store.

Step 5: Fulfilling Orders

Once a customer places an order on your store it’s time to fulfill the order. If you have the Chrome extension installed, all you need to do is go to your Oberlo dashboard > My Orders and click “Order Product” or “Order All Products”. You’ll then be redirected to alixpress.com where an order will already be created for you. Simply payment information and select a shipping method. The Aliexpress vendor will handle everything from there and ship the order product to your customer

If you don’t have the Chrome extension it’s still an easy process. Simply go to your Oberlo dashboard > My orders and click “Order product”. You’ll then be prompted to select a shipping method and enter your payment information to complete the order.

I’d recommend fulfilling orders once per day. It takes only a few minutes to fulfill an order or even thousands of orders. You can also setup Oberlo to automatically fulfill your orders for you.

Final Thoughts

Oberlo is a life saver and a truly innovative tool when it comes to drop shipping. Shopify is my favorite e-commerce store builder so the fact that they work seamlessly together is a huge bonus. The only negative I’ve come across is the fact that most Aliexpress merchandise is shipped from China. This results in shipping times of 10-15 days to the US with e-packet. I have, however, been pleasantly surprised to not hear many complaints from customers. I think the key is to set their expectations up front by making it clear that shipping will be 10-15 days. 

Overall I’ve been extremely pleased with Oberlo and will continue to experiment with different niche dropshipping stores. It’s free to start so there’s no reason not to try!

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